Khwopa is the historic name of this ancient town, Bhaktapur. This school & college takes its name after the name of its ancient and meaningful name Khwopa. This is the one and only community based service oriented college in town. That has been governed by the local government, Bhaktapur Municipality. The school & college was founded in 1999 AD.

Quality as well as practical education in affordable - probably cheaper fee rate, is its academic policy. At the present context of nation, education is being expensive and unaffordable for larger percentage of citizens.So to extend the facility of education as one of the basic need, this glorious institution has been committed with a specific mission: "committed for people and professionalism". Although it has been established in the cultural city, Bhaktapur. It has already opened its wide gate and has invited the students from different sixty five districts. Still it is not enough to meet our motive.


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